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Do you think your child needs an Internet Detox? Or learn to concentrate better? Or learn to delay gratification and think strategically?smile

You come to the right page and hopefully would like to join us.


We are part of the Russian School for Gifted and Talented (TRUST Community Interest Company UTR 11236439 ). Chess Club is a Community club that is open for children age 6-12.


If you opened this page and reached that far, then you know how good the game of chess is for our children. You probably also already know that delayed gratification is one of the few scientifically measurable skills that help children to succeed in life. Children who learn to wait and strategically plan ahead were scientifically proven to have more success in life (read about the Marshmallow test in our Fun Facts page). Those are the very qualities that the game of chess develops.


We meet in a child-friendly Altrincham Community Centre, THE HUB. Our children receive brief coaching at the beginning of the meeting and play with each other under supervision and help. They also encouraged to compete in larger Tournaments across Greater Manchester. Parents are very welcome to participate in the life of the club and stay with the children.

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Features About Us

Russian School for Gifted and Talented

The idea behind the school is to provide all inclusive supplementary education providing classes and courses to help young people to develop intellectually. All children are talented, it is our methodology that sometimes needs changing and adjusting. We aim to fill in this gap in mainstream education. Chess club is a part of our ternary vision in helping young children to succeed in the unknown future. Here are three steps: Languages – Chess – Maths.

UK Integration Service

We believe that ability to speak a local language, being educated in one’s rights and more importantly responsibilities promotes healthy communities. Fully integrated newcomer to any country is an asset to a local community.

Language and training services

We offer a wide range of multilingual services. It varies from cultural training for businesses and professionals willing to enlarge their knowledge in European cultures and languages to highly skilled professional translations in Russian, Polish, etc… Community translations, manuals, documents, events – Trafford Russian Union is here to help with most of that.

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we arrange Birthday Events

We offer chess themed birthday parties for primary school age children. In a fun, playful style your children and their guests will learn about the game of chess. Educational and yet enjoyable experience for your children.